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  1. Bodner Klaus sagt:

    Super Sache.

    Jungs ich bin stolz auf euch und weiter so !!!!!!!!!

  2. Wolfgang Granig sagt:

    ausgezeichnet PTV rules

  3. Michael Heidger sagt:

    Geiles Projekt!

    Werde es weiterverfolgen und mit euch bauen. :)


  4. Michl sagt:

    He des zwa Wahnsinnigen!

    Do lernt man fast so viel wie beim Walder Christian.

    Viel Spass noch beim experimentieren.
    I hob den Blog schon amol zu meine Favoriten hinzugefügt, damit i immer am laufenden bin.

    mfg Michl

  5. Petr sagt:

    Hello, boys,
    i really like your project, but what if I want to build my own vehicle? You do not provide us any PCB layouts, CAD files, Arduino code, list od hardware and so on… (Or you do and I am blind!) Your project just does not seem to be open, even it is proclaimed to be!

    • Hoonse sagt:

      yes. you are totally right the project is not yet open.
      as we said earlier this is a kind of school project. and we haven’t finished that school yet.

      we are planning to make a wiki and a forum. but this blog should just be a little thing for the people who are interested to keep up to date.

      so long things short: the PTV isn’t totally ready yet and we not gonna release this thing into the wild until its totally ready.

      the next month will be a little stressful for us because we will have the final exams of our school…

      greetings from austria

      • Petr sagt:

        I am looking forward to these sites and more information about your vehicle.
        The more poeple, the more ideas – that is a reason, why you should not wait too long to open project for hungry brains :-)
        I have experience with Arduino (made my thesis with that) and electronics, so I think I could (maybe) improve PTV a bit.
        For now I wish you boys luck, I have my final exams next week!

        Cheers, Petr from Czech Republic.

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